Answer to What does “花花肠子 flowery intestines ” signify?-Intermediate

Correct Answer: B
The phrase “花花肠子 (huāhuāchángzi)” is a folk saying that means “cunning; trickery; cunning plot.” This word originally referred to the ovaries and the fallopian tube, and was used in common speech. Now, it is mainly used as a metaphor for fraudulent schemes or for people who have crafty plots. It is also used to describe a lecherous person.


Nǐ kàn tā píngrì lǐ hěn lǎoshi, qíshí huāhuāchángzi kě duō le.
你 看   他 平日 里 很   老实,   其实     花花肠子      可  多 了。
You think he is very honest on most days, actually he is deceitful a lot.

Bié zhuāng le, nĭ nà diǎnr huāhuāchángzi wŏ hái bù liǎojiě ma?
别    装     了, 你 那  点儿      花花肠子      我  还 不  了解  吗?
Don’t pretend, you think I don’t know what you’re plotting?

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