Answer to To Tip or Not to Tip, That is the Question

Correct Answer: C
If you live in, or have traveled to, Western countries like America, Germany, and France, you will have had the experience of leaving a tip after a meal. This custom is very common in some countries, but if you do this in China, don’t be surprised if your waiter looks puzzled or even tries to chase you down to give it back. Why? The following text will give you some insight into the reason why.

Many people from Western countries are used to giving tips to taxi drivers, waiters/waitresses, hair stylists, etc. to thank them for the service provided. Maybe you too are accustomed to this practice. However, in Mainland China, tipping is not expected or required by those in service professions.

In larger cities, wait-staff are becoming used to foreign visitors leaving tips so they will probably happily keep it, but, or course, you don’t have to. The bottom line is, in China, it certainly isn’t necessary or expected to tip and the majority of people will not think twice about not leaving one.

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