Answer to Top 3 Chinese Street Foods You Have to Try

1. C


兰州拉面 (Lán zhōu lāmiàn) Lanzhou Noodles

沙县小吃 (Shā xiàn xiǎochī) Shaxian Snack

津市牛肉粉 (Jīn shì niúròu fěn) Jinshi Beef Noodles

Xiǎo Míng: Jīntiān zhōngwǔ nǐ dǎsuàn chī shénme ya?
Xiao Ming: What are you going to eat at noon today?

Xiǎo Xīng: (Jīn shì niúròu fěn) zěnmeyàng? Zhè kěshì húnán yǒumíng de tèsè xiǎochī ne.
Xiao Xing: How about (Jinshi beef noodles)? This is a famous special snack in Hunan.

As we all know from the article, “津市牛肉粉 (jīn shì niúròu fěn) Jinshi beef noodles” is one of the most famous characteristic snacks in Hunan Province. “兰州拉面 (lán zhōu lāmiàn) Lanzhou noodles” is a kind of famous characteristic snacks in “甘肃 (gānsù) Gansu” province. And “沙县小吃 (shā xiàn xiǎochī) Shaxian snack comes from “福建 (fújiàn) Fujian.”
Therefore, the correct answer is C.

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