Answer to the Exercise on Where Do You Learn Chinese?

Correct Answer: A
People often mention locations and place names in their daily communication. However, how do we go about describing where we are or where something takes place in Chinese? And in what order should we use those place words?
Chinese place names are usually preceded by the preposition “在(zài)”, meaning “in” or “at”. The structure is: “在(zài)” + Place Name.


Zài Běijīng
在   北京
In Beijing

Zài jiā
在  家
At home

Unlike the English language, in Chinese we normally put the place name before the verb. The structure is: Subject + “在(zài)” + Place Name + Do Something.


Sam: Nǐ zài nǎlǐ  chī wǎnfàn?
Sam: 你 在 哪里 吃   晚饭?
Sam: Where do you have dinner?

Tom: Wǒ zài jiā chī wǎnfàn.
Tom: 我  在  家 吃    晚饭。
Tom: I have dinner at home.

Wǒ bàba zài Shànghǎi gōngzuò.
我   爸爸  在    上海        工作。
My father works in Shanghai.

In the test above, the verb is “学(xué)” and “在北京(zài Běijīng)” is the place, so the correct answer is A.
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