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Correct Answer: B
Learning to ask someone’s name is one of the first, and mostly frequent, questions you will find yourself asking when you first arrive in China and start making friends. To help you get starting with the basic essentials for Chinese conversation, the following text will help you learn the different ways of asking people’s names and how to reply in turn.
The following structure is usually used to ask someone’s name:
Nǐ jiào shénme (míngzi)?
你 叫   什么     (名字)?
What’s your name?

In this structure, “你(nǐ)” means “you,” “叫(jiào)” means “call,” “什么(shénme)” means “what,” and “名字(mínɡzi)” refers to “name.”


Qǐnɡwèn, nín jiào shénme (mínɡzi)?
请问,      您  叫    什么    (名字)?
Excuse me, what is your name?

As a reply, you can tell others your name directly or you can also say: “我叫(Wǒ jiào) …” or “我的名字叫(Wǒ de míngzi jiào)…”


Wǒ jiào Wáng Líng.
我   叫   王      玲。
My name is Wang Ling.

Wǒ de Míngzi jiào Wáng Líng.
我   的 名字     叫   王       玲。
My name is Wang Ling.

In our test, Kathy wants to know what Wang Li’s name is, so the correct answer is B.

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