Answer to the Exercise on the Extended Meaning of “火(huǒ)”

Answer: C
In the Chinese language, the original meaning of “火(huǒ)” is fire. Besides the original meaning, the word “火(huǒ)” also has an extended meaning. As an adjective, 火(huǒ) means popular.


Zhè shì jīnnián zuì huǒ de yìkuǎn yóuxì.
这   是   今年    最  火   的  一款    游戏。

This is the most popular game this year.
Mary, zuìjìn nǎ bù diànyǐnɡ bǐjiào huǒ?
Mary,最近 哪 部 电影        比较  火?

Mary, which film is popular now?
In the test, “火(huǒ)” is used to describe a popular program. So the answer is C.
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