Answer to the exercise on A Chinese Measure Word for the Whole Family – “家(jiā)”

Correct Answer: B
Measure words are kinds of special Chinese words which can be used before nouns to identify specific objects, similar to the “a slice of” in the term “a slice of pie” in English. One such example of a Chinese measure word is “家(jiā).”
Literally, “家(jiā)” refers to “home” or “family” as a noun, as in “我家(wǒ jiā) my family.” However, besides its basic meaning, it can also be used as a measure word to describe certain nouns.
First of all, “家(jiā)” can be used before a group of people to indicate that they make up one entire family, such as “一家人(yìjiā rén) a whole family” or “一家三口(yìjiā sānkǒu) a family of three.”


Betty:  Nà xiē rén shì shéi?
Betty:那   些 人   是  谁?
Betty: Who are those people?

Zhào Míng: Nà shì Tom yìjiā  sānkǒu.
赵     明:   那  是  Tom 一家 三口。
Zhao Ming: They are Tom’s family of three.

Wáng Píng: Zánmen liǎngjiā rén yìqǐ  qù lǚyóu ba!
王 萍:        咱们       两家      人  一起 去 旅游   吧!
Wang Ping: Let’s go hiking together, the two of us!

Judy:  Hǎo a!
Judy:好 啊!
Judy:   OK!

What’s more, “家(jiā)” can be used before some business establishments, such as “银行(yínháng),” “饭店(fàndiàn) restaurant,” “旅馆(lǚguǎn) hotel,” and so on.


Bìyè zhīhòu, ZhānɡWěi kāi le yìjiā jiǔbā.
毕业 之后,   张 伟         开 了一家 酒吧。
After graduation, Zhang Wei opened a bar.

Mike:   Nǐ xiànzài zài nǎjiā gōngsī shàngbān?
Mike:你 现在      在 哪家  公司     上班?
Mike: Which company are you working at?

Nǐ Liú Xīn: Píng’guǒ gōngsī.
刘 心:      苹果        公司。
Liu Xin: Apple Inc.

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