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Answer to Test Yourself with This Sample AP Chinese Test

Jun. 17, 2016

Answer: D

Nǐ shì cóng nǎr lái de?
你 是   从  哪儿 来 的?
Where are you from?

Wǒ shì cóng měiguó niǔyuē lái de. Nǐ ne?
我   是  从        美国      纽约  来 的。你呢?
I am from New York, USA. What about you?

According to the conversation, you would expect to answer the question by saying “I’m from…” but the test isn’t that straightforward. Let’s analyze the four answers of the test.

Lǎoshí shuō, wǒ nǎr dōu bù xiǎng qù.
老实      说, 我 哪儿  都   不   想    去。
Honestly, I don’t want to go anywhere.

Zhēn kěxī,   nǐ cónglái méi qù guò niǔyuē.
真      可惜,你 从来   没  去   过    纽约。
It’s a pity you’ve never been to New York.

Wǒ yào gēn nǐ qù nàgè dìfang.
我   要    跟  你 去 那个 地方。
I want to go there with you.

Wǒ shì běndìrén, zài zhèr chūshēng de.
我   是  本地 人,在 这儿     出生       的。
I am a local, I was born here.

“你是从哪儿来的? (Nǐ shì cóng nǎr lái de?)” means “Where are you from?” or “ Where were you born?” “从……来的 (cóng…lái de)”= “来自…… (láizì)…”refers to “from…”


The trick in this quiz is that the person doesn’t answer with the typical format, “I am from…” In Chinese, this would be “从……来的 ( cóng…lái de )” or “来自…… ( láizì )…” For example, “我是从美国来的。 (wǒ shì cóng měiguó lái de.) I am from America.” or “我来自美国。 (wǒ láizì měiguó.) I come from America.” But, answer D says “I am a local, I was born here.” It is an indirect way to answer the question and throw test takers off.

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