Answer to Going to the Doctor in China? Test Yourself with This HSK Quiz!

Answer: B

Patient: Shàngwǔ hǎo a, lǐ yīshēng.
Patient:  上    午   好啊,李医 生。
Patient: Good morning, Doctor Lee.

Doctor: Shàngwǔ hǎo. Nǐ chī yào le ma?
Doctor:   上    午  好。你 吃   药  了 吗?
Doctor: Morning. Have you taken your pills?

Patient: Wǒ chī le, xiànzài hǎo duō le.
Patient:  我  吃 了,现 在   好    多 了。
Patient: Yeah, I am feeling better now.

Patient: Lǐ yīshēng, wǒ shénme shíhòu kěyǐ chūyuàn?
Patient: 李医   生, 我    什  么   时 候  可以  出  院?
Patient: Doctor Lee, when will I leave the hospital?

Doctor: Xià gè xīngqīyī.
Doctor: 下  个 星   期一。
Doctor: It will be next Monday.

Kěyǐ chī yào le.
可以 吃  药  了。
You may take your pills.

Yǐhòu zài liánxì.
以 后  再   联系。
Talk to you later.

First we know this conversation happens between a doctor and a patient. The fourth sentence is a question put forward by the patient, asking about the time to leave the hospital. According to these three choices, we know only B gives a certain time. Therefore, the answer is B.
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