Answer to Master Cheesy Chinese Pick-up Lines, Make Your Love Easier

1. C


Zhāng Míng: Nǐ zhīdào wǒ wèishénme gǎnmào le ma?
Zhang Ming: Do you know why I have a cold?

Lǐ Lì: Wǒ bù zhīdào, wèishénme ne?
Li Li: I don’t know. Why?

Zhāng Míng: Yīnwèi wǒ duì nǐ wánquán méiyǒu dǐkàng lì.
Zhang Ming: Because I have no resistance to you at all.

A: Yīnwèi wǒ zuótiān línyǔ le.
A: Because I was caught in the rain yesterday.

B: Yīnwèi wǒ bèi Xiǎo Hóng chuánrǎn le.
B: Because I was infected by Xiao Hong.

C: Yīnwèi wǒ duì nǐ wánquán méiyǒu dǐkàng lì.
C: Because I have no resistance to you at all.

Through the above translation, we can know the meaning of three options. Option A and option B are correct, but they are prone to objective replies and don’t conform to the standard of cheesy pick-up lines. Therefore, according to the definition of cheesy pick-up lines in context, we can learn that the correct option is C.

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