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Folk music – 康定情歌 (Kāngdìng qínggē) Kangding Love Song

May. 26, 2017

Today I will teach you a traditional folk song from Kangding! The song was inspired by local people’s daily work and is a very popular song in China. The Chinese lyrics are relatively simple to learn and the rhythm is much slower than other songs. It is the perfect song to learn for people who love to learn Chinese through music!

Kāngdìng Qínggē
康定          情歌
Kangding Love Song


Păo mă liūliū de shān shàng yī duŏ liūliū de yún yo.
跑   马  溜溜  的  山     上     一  朵  溜溜 的   云  哟!
Horses run on the mountain, and there is a cloud.

Duānduān liūliū de zhào zài kāngdìng liūliū de chéng yo.
端端          溜溜 的  照    在    康定      溜溜 的    城    哟!
The moon brightens Kangding City.

Yuèliàng wānwān, kāngdìng liūliū de chéng yo.
月亮       弯弯,     康定       溜溜 的    城   哟!
The moon, the crescent moon. Kangding city.

Lĭ jiā liūliū de dàjiĕ réncái liūliū de hăo yo.
李 家 溜溜的 大姐  人才  溜溜 的  好  哟!
Big sister from the Li family is a pretty girl.

Zhāng jiā liūliū de dàgē kàn shàng liūliū de tā yo.
张       家 溜溜 的  大哥  看   上     溜溜 的 她 哟!
Big brother from the Zhang family falls in love with her.

Yuèliàng wānwān, kàn shàng liūliū de tā yo.
月亮       弯弯,    看   上      溜溜  的 她 哟!
The moon, the crescent moon. He falls in love with the girl.

Yī lái liūliū de kàn shàng réncái liūliū de hăo yo.
一来 溜溜 的  看    上     人才   溜溜  的 好 哟!
First he loves her because he knows she is pretty.

Èr lái liūliū de kàn shàng huì dāng liūliū de jiā yo.
二来 溜溜 的 看    上      会   当    溜溜  的 家 哟!
Second, because she knows how to care for her family.

Yuèliàng wānwān, huì dāng liūliū de jiā yo.
月亮       弯弯,    会  当     溜溜 的 家 哟!
The moon, the crescent moon. She knows how to care for her family.

Shìjiān liūliū de nǚzi rèn wŏ liūliū de ài yo.
世间    溜溜 的 女子 任  我  溜溜 的 爱 哟!
All the girls in the world. Let me love them.

Shìjiān liūliū de nánzi rèn nĭ liūliū de qiú yo.
世间    溜溜 的  男子 任  你 溜溜 的 求 哟!
All the boys in the world, you can choose from them.

Yuèliàng wānwān,rèn nĭ liūliū de qiú yo.
月亮       弯弯,      任 你 溜溜  的 求 哟!
The moon, the crescent moon. Let’s you choose from them.

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— Written by Jennifer Zhu —
Jennifer Zhu is a professional Chinese teacher from eChineseLearning. She has many years of Chinese language teaching experience and received her B.A. and M.A. in “Teaching Chinese as a Second Language.”

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