Answer to Pop Quiz: How to Express Vertically And Horizontally in Chinese

1. C
2. A


To correctly complete the sentence, we should understand the nouns that describe position,
such as:
左上角 (Zuǒ shàng jiǎo) top left corner; the upper left

右下角 (Yòu xià jiǎo) lower right corner; the lower right

正中央 (Zhèng zhōngyāng) midpoint; centre

According to to the context clues and the picture shown, we can see that the noun “正中央 (Zhèng zhōng yāng) midpoint; centre”, correlates with the picture that shows the clock hanging in the middle, or center of the wall. Therefore the correct answer is C.
The correctly completed sentence is:
Zhè miàn zhōng guà zài le qiángbì de zhèng zhōngyāng.
The clock hung in the centre of the wall.

In order to understand the correct answer, we should take a look at some common measure words, such as:
条 (Tiáo) twig; slip; strip; item; bar

盒 (Hé) box; case; a packet of

块 (Kuài) piece; lump; chunk; a bar of

支 (Zhī) a stick of; a piece of (be used for all sorts of pens)

Using context clues from the sentence, we can identify “毯子 (tǎnzi)”, which means carpet. The answer “条 (tiáo)” is the most suitable choice, because it is the correct measure word used with “毯子(tǎnzi) carpet”. Hence the correct answer is A.
The correctly completed sentence is:
Chá jī xiàmiàn diàn zhe yì tiáo tǎnzi.
There is a carpet under the tea table.

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