Answer to Learn the Difference Between “Drive” and “Ride” in Chinese, Avoid Mix Them Up!

(1) B
(2) A


     Tā hěn xǐhuan qí zìxíngchē.
(1) 他很喜欢骑自行车。
     He likes riding a bicycle very much.

“骑自行车 (Qí zìxíngchē)” means “Riding a bicycle”. “自行车 (Zìxíngchē)” is normally matched with “骑 (qí)” which means “ride”, not “开 (kāi)”.
自行车 (Zìxíngchē)

     Tā měitiān kāi sījiāchē qù shàngbān.
(2) 他每天开私家车去上班。
     He drives a private car to work every day.

“开私家车 (Kāi sījiāchē)” means “Drive a private car”. “私家车 (Sījiāchē)” is normally matched with “开 (kāi)” which means “drive”, not “骑 (qí)”.
私家车 (Sījiāchē)

Therefore, the correct answers are respectively B and A.

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