Answer to Learn Better Chinese from These Amusing Misinterpretations

1. B         2. A


Yínháng dòngjié le tā de suǒyǒu cáichǎn.
The bank froze all of his property.

很 (Hěn) very

银 (Yín) silver; relating to currency or money; silver-colored

退 (Tuì) retreat; drawback; cause to move back; remove; cancel

狠 (Hěn) ruthless; relentless; firm; resolute; suppress (one’s feelings); harden (the heart)

早点 (Zǎo diǎn) breakfast; a little earlier

晚点 (Wǎn diǎn) late; behind schedule, a little bit later

快点 (Kuài diǎn) come on;hurry up, a little bit faster.

慢点 (Màn diǎn) slow down, a little bit slowly

Guǎng dōng de zǎodiǎn hěn yǒu míng.
Breakfast in Guangdong is very famous.

Therefore, the correct answers are respectively B and A.

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