Answer to Study the Useful Chinese Sentence Structure by Sorting

1. D


1. 漫画 (Mànhuà), means comic book.

2. 书店 (Shūdiàn), means bookstore.

3. 在 (Zài), means to be at or in somewhere.

4. 看 (Kàn), means to read or look.

5. 她 (Tā), means she.

6. 里 (Lǐ), means in or inside.

Therefore, the correct order is: 5-3-2-6-4-1.
Tā zài shūdiàn lǐ kàn mànhuà.
She is reading a comic book in the bookstore.

In this sentence, “她 (tā)” is the subject, while “漫画 (mànhuà)” is the object, and “看 (kàn)” is the predicate. However, where is she reading? “在书店里 (Zài shūdiàn lǐ) In the bookstore”, which is an adverbial phrase. The Chinese sentence structure is: subject (adverbial) + V.(predicate) + object.
Therefore, the right answer is D.

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