Answer to HSK 3 Quiz: Choose the Correct Measurement Word

Answer: B

Lǐ huá tèbié xiǎng mǎi zhè shuāng xié, dànshì tā de jiǎo tài dà.
李 华  特别    想      买   这    双      鞋,但 是 他 的  脚   太  大。
Li Hua really want to buy this pair of shoes, but his feet are too big.

This quiz is to help you know how to use correct measurement words in Chinese. For instance, 双 (Shuāng): pair. It’s used for describing paired things like shoes or chopsticks.


Yì shuāng kuàizi.
一   双       筷 子。
A pair of chopsticks.

Yì shuāng xié.
一   双      鞋。
A pair of shoes.

Therefore, B is the correct answer.

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