Answer to How do Chinese People Talk About the Weather?

Correct Answer: A
Weather is very important and has a very big influence on our daily lives. Naturally, we regularly speak about the weather. From study of the following text, you will learn how to talk about the weather in Chinese.

First, if you want to ask about the weather, you should use the sentence structure below.
de tiānqì zěnmeyàng / rúhé
Question: Time/Place+(的) +天气 +怎么样 / 如何?


Jīntiān tiānqì rúhé?
今天    天气  如何?
What’s the weather like today?

Běijīng de tiānqì zěnmeyàng?
北京    的  天气     怎么样?
What’s the weather like in Beijing?

If you answer a question about the weather, you can use the following sentence structure.

First, you need to know how to use the following verbs, “下雨(xiàyǔ) to rain,” “下雪(xiàxuě) to snow,” “多云(duōyún) cloudy,” “多云转晴(duōyún zhuǎn qíng) cloudy to sunny,” etc.
The sentence structure is: Time/Place + Verb+(了)


Zuótiān wǎnshàng xiàxuě le.
昨天          晚上      下雪  了!
It must have snowed last night!

Shànghǎi zhèngzài xiàyǔ.
上海             正在    下雨。
It’s raining in Shanghai.

Second, you can use adjectives to describe the weather, such as, “晴天(qíngtiān) sunny,” “阴天(yīntiān) cloudy,” “雪天(xuětiān) snowy,” “雨天(yǔtiān) rainy,” etc.

The sentence structure is: Time/Place+是(shì)+Noun


Míngtiān shì qíngtiān.
明天        是    晴天。
It will be sunny tomorrow.

Běijīng zhè jǐtiān yìzhí shì yīntiān.
北京     这   几天  一直 是  阴天。
Beijing is always cloudy these days.

Third, you can use the following adjectives to describe the weather, such as, “很好(hěn hǎo) very good,” “不错(búcuò) not bad,” “糟糕(zāogāo) terrible,” etc.

Structure: Time/Place+的(de)+天气(tiānqì)+Adjectives


Kūnmíng de tiānqì zhēn hǎo!
昆明        的   天气   真    好!
The weather in Kunming is really good!

Jīntiān de tiānqì tài zāogāo le!
今天    的   天气  太  糟糕   了!
The weather today is terrible!

Judy: Jīntiān de tiānqì zhēn qíguài.
Judy:今天  的  天气    真    奇怪。
Judy: The weather today is so strange.

Lǐ Míng: Shì a gānggāng háishì qíngtiān, zhuǎnyǎn jiù xiàyǔ le.
李 明:  是 啊, 刚刚       还是      晴天,    转眼       就  下雨  了。
Li Ming: Yes, it was sunny just now, but is rainy now.

In our test, Li Hua asks about the weather and Tom says “It’s snowy.” In the test, only A contained the correct sentence structure, B and C had grammatical errors. This makes the answer A.

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