Answer to Do you know what “面子(miànzi)” means in English?

Correct Answer: A

A. Face is the phrase for 面子(miànzi)

The character 面(miàn) in 面子(miànzi) refers to face. 子(zi) is a suffix for commonly used one syllable nouns.

B. Countenance is the phrase for 面容 (miànróng)

The character 面(miàn) in 面容(miànróng) refers to face. 容(róng) means appearance.

C. Flour is the phrase for 面粉(miànfěn)

The character 面(miàn) in 面粉(miànfěn) refers to flour. 粉(fěn) means powder.

D. Self-esteem is the phrase for 自尊 (zìzūn)

The character 自(zì) refers to self. 尊(zūn) means esteem.
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