Answer to the Test on Chinese pinyin of “老师”

Correct Answer: A

A. Lăoshī is the Chinese pinyin for “老师.”

The character 老(lăo) means old and 师(shī) refers to a person with more experience and high ability who can impart his knowledge to others.

B. Làokē is the Chinese pinyin for “唠嗑.”

唠嗑(làokē) means chatting. The character 唠(lào) means chatting and 嗑(kē) means cracking something between the teeth.

C. Lăoshi is the Chinese pinyin for “老实.”

老实(lăoshi) means honest. The character 老(lăoshi) means old and 实(shi) means solid and true.

D. Lántiān is the Chinese pinyin for “蓝天.”

蓝天(lántiān) refers to the blue sky. 蓝(lán) means blue and 天(tiān) refers to sky.
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