Answer to Mandarin Chinese Conversation: Arrange These Sentences into the Correct Order

Answer: D

3. Níhǎo, qǐngwèn xūyào shénme?
3. 你好, 请问需要什么?
3. Hello, what can I do for you?

2. Wǒ yào yífèn hàn bǎo hé yì bēi kělè.
2. 我要一份汉堡和一杯可乐.
2. I want a hamburger and a glass of coke.

4. Zài zhé’r chī, hái shì dǎbāo dài zǒu?
4. 在这儿吃, 还是打包带走?
4. For here or to go?

1. Zài zhèlǐ chī.
1. 在这里吃.
1. For here, please.

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This quiz is a short paragraph in a disordered sequence. After reading these four sentences, we can get a general idea that the conversation is about a scenario in which a person wants to order a meal in a restaurant. It’s a “Q & A” dialogue.
First, we can be sure that sentence three should be put before sentence two, as they are a greeting and a question, then a corresponding answer. Then, we can try to locate the subject of this paragraph about ordering a meal. Of all the sentences, only sentence four and sentence one have a clear subject, “For here or to go?” After comparing these two sentences, we know that we should put sentence one as the second in the sequence, for it is a declarative sentence. Therefore, sentence one should be placed after sentence four.
Finally, we can put the right order correctly at 3-2-4-1.

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