Answer to Which Is the Specific Chinese Measure Word “量词 (Liàng Cí)” For “Pencil?”

1. D


By reading the sentence, we can see that the noun used is a pencil. To be able to identify the correct measure word “量词 (liàng cí)” that’s used with a pencil in the Chinese language, we’ll first refer to the list of measure words. D is the correct answer because the measure word “支 (zhī)” is the specific measure word related to a stick or long, thin object, mostly used for writing. Such as pencils or pens.
Wǒ zuótiān mǎi le yì zhī qiānbǐ.
I bought a pencil yesterday.

Grammar Note:
Number + Measure words + Noun

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Examples of Measure words:
条 (Tiáo) twig; slip; strip; item; bar (be paired with long and narrow objects like roads and rivers)

一条马路 (Yì tiáo mǎlù) a strip of road

把 (Bǎ) a handful of (be used before objects with handles or things to take hold of)

一把糖果 (Yì bǎ tángguǒ) a handful of candies

瓶 (Píng) a bottle of ( often be paired with drinks, like a bottle of water)

一瓶可乐 (Yì píng kělè) a bottle of cola

支 (Zhī) a stick of; a piece of (be used for all sorts of pens)

一支钢笔 (Yì zhī gāngbǐ) a piece of fountain pen

Above all, we can see that the correct answer is D.

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