Answer to Take This Chinese Quiz Right Away to Learn This Useful Word Pair

1. A


Wǒ yì shōu dào xiāoxi, jiù mǎshàng dào zhèlǐ lái le.
I came here right away as soon as I got the message.

(1) 一 (Yī) … 就 (jiù) … (… as soon as …)
Once one thing happens, then another thing happens immediately afterward. You can use this associated word pair “一 (yī) … 就 (jiù).”


Subj. + 一 (yī) + Verb , + 就 (jiù) + Verb


Tā yí shàngkè jiù xiǎng shuìjiào.
Every time She has a class, she feels like falling asleep.

(2) 一边 (Yìbiān) … 一边 (yìbiān) … (simultaneously, as)
It is often used in the present tense. When you want to express that one thing is done while the other thing is done at the same time, you can apply “一边 (yìbiān) … 一边 (yìbiān)” to your dialogue.


Subj. + 一边 (Yìbiān) + Verb, + 一边 (yìbiān) + Verb


Wǒ xíguàn le yìbiān tīng gē yìbiān kànshū.
I’m used to listening to songs while reading.

(3) 既 (Jì) … 又 (yòu) … (either……or)
“既 (jì)” can be used in conjunction with “又 (yòu)” to mean that something is “both A and B.”


既 (Jì) + A + 又 (yòu) + B
A and B can be adjectives, verbs or short phrases. Because of this word pair represents juxtaposition relationship, the part of speech of A and B are the same.


Tā jì shì wǒ de lǎoshī, yòu shì wǒ de péngyǒu.
She is both my teacher and my friend.

From the sentence, we realize “get the news” and “come here” can’t happen at the same time, so the correct answer is A.

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