A Chinese Nursery Rhyme About The Dragon Boat Festival (Beginner)

A Chinese Ballad about the Dragon Boat Festival

During the Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese people often eat rice dumplings. In this online Chinese lesson, we share a nursery rhyme about rice dumplings for kids learning Chinese.

Key Learning Points (Preview):

香 (xiāng): adj. delicious

糖 (táng) n. sugar

Táo’r hóng,
桃儿   红,
The peach is red.

xìng’r huáng,
杏儿    黄,
The apricot is yellow.

Wǔyuè chūwǔ shì duānyáng.
五月      初五    是      端阳。
May the fifth of the lunar calendaris the Dragon Boat Festival.

Zòngzi xiāng,
粽子     香,

The rice dumplings are delicious
Bāo wǔ liáng.
包     五 粮。
They include five grains.

Bāo gè zòngzi guǒshàng táng,
包    个   粽子     裹上         糖,
Make a rice dumpling and add sugar to it.

Xìngfú shēnghuó wàn nián cháng.
幸福      生活         万     年     长!
The happy life will last forever.

Key Learning Points:

(xiāng): adj. delicious


Māma bāo de zòngzi zhēn xiāng.
妈妈    包    得   粽子    真     香。
The rice dumplings that my mother makes are so delicious.

(táng) n. sugar


Māma shuō xiǎoháizi bùnéng chī tàiduō táng.
妈妈     说     小孩子     不能     吃 太多    糖。
My mom told me that kids must not eat too much sugar.

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  1. This online Chinese lesson is helpful. My 7-year-old boy loves to learn Chinese with songs and nursery rhymes. By the way, I’d love to add a few more of his favorite fruits:

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