Top 5 Tips for Kids to Prepare for HSK 3 Listening Exam

Here are some effective methods for kids to prepare for the HSK Level 3 listening section:

1、Familiarize with the Exam Structure

The HSK Level 3 listening section consists of 40 questions divided into 4 parts, with a total duration of about 35 minutes.

  • Part 1 (Questions 1-10): Listen to sentences or dialogues and choose the correct answer from the pictures provided.
  • Part 2 (Questions 11-20): Listen to dialogues or monologues and judge the correctness of given options.
  • Part 3 (Questions 21-30): Listen to dialogues and choose the correct answer.
  • Part 4 (Questions 31-40): Listen to monologues and choose the correct answer.
2、Practice with Past Exam Audios

Repeatedly listen to authentic HSK Level 3 audios and mock exams to become familiar with the question types and speed of speech. Combine intensive and extensive listening practices. Intensive listening means understanding sentences and words in detail and taking notes, while extensive listening involves listening to a variety of Chinese audio materials to develop a sense of the language. For official past papers or mock tests, practice intensively to ensure thorough understanding. For regular practice, use materials of similar difficulty. Additionally, use listening apps like HSK Online to practice anytime, anywhere.

3、Master HSK Level 3 Vocabulary

Learn all the words on the official vocabulary list, especially those frequently used in the listening section. Create vocabulary flashcards and review them daily. Understand not only the words themselves but also how they are used in context.

4、Take Mock Exams

Regularly practice with HSK Level 3 listening past papers and mock exams to get a feel for the actual test. After completing the tests, analyze mistakes, summarize listening techniques, and avoid making the same errors again.

5、Focus on Keywords

During the exam, pay attention to keywords such as names, places, times, and numbers. Predict possible answers based on the questions, options, and keywords you hear, which can help improve both speed and accuracy.

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