YCT 2 Real Exam Question Practice and Analysis

Many students preparing for Chinese proficiency exams do fill-in-the-blank questions over and over, because they’re finished quickly and often straightforward. However, there’s a lot of value in practicing sentence formation, because a) it tests your knowledge of word order and function in making sentences, and b) it solidifies grammatical concepts you may not be so clear on. Let’s try some of these today!

Ranking order:

yí zuò              yǒu          gōng yuán lǐ   shān
A.一座           B.有            C.公园里          D.山

HSK 3 quiz

wáng lǎo shī   hàn yǔ    wǒ men            jiāo
A.王老师       B.汉语        C.我们             D.教

HSK 3 quiz

yí liàng         lù shàng        qì chē        pǎo zhe
A.一辆           B.路上         C.汽车           D.跑着

HSK 3 quiz

xué xí              nǔ lì          yào                   nǐ
A.学习           B.努力          C.要              D.你

HSK 3 quiz



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