Mandarin E-books

eChineseLearning offers a selection of Chinese language e-books. The e-books are specially designed and carefully selected by our professional Chinese teachers. All the content is provided in both Pinyin and Characters, along with pictures and English translations. Every e-book has a different focus: popular words, nursery rhymes, etc.. New e-books will be coming soon!
10 Things You Must Know Before Learning Chinese
Uncovering the Secrets of China’s 10 Traditional Festivals
The Ultimate China Survival Guide
Top 10 Chinese Idioms with Origin Stories
10 Chinese Taboos You Should Never Try
Most Popular Chinese Tales with Animals
Chinese Business Etiquette
Most Popular Mandarin Chinese Words
Most Popular Chinese Nursery Rhymes (Volume I)
Most Popular Chinese Nursery Rhymes (Volume Ⅱ)
Chinese New Year Traditions and Origin Stories

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Student Feedback

“Thank you very much, it is a very useful e-book for me to know Mandarin! The popular words are very interesting and I can use a lot of them in my daily life.”
– Andrea Lee, San Francisco
Jul. 16, 2018
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