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Most Popular Chinese Nursery Rhymes (Volume Ⅱ)
Have fun building your Chinese vocabulary and cultural understanding with these delightful Chinese nursery rhymes. The easy pace with each song only adds a few new words so that you can quickly grasp new terms. And the repetitive rhymes make them easy to remember. The selection includes a variety of rhymes like “Making a Phone Call” and “The Number Song,” which will provide you with useful basic vocabulary that is relevant to daily conversation skills. These same songs are learned by Chinese children in nursery and will give you an insight into Chinese culture. This useful e-book creates a way to make learning Chinese more fun!
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Student Feedback

“Thank you very much, it is a very useful e-book for me to know Mandarin! The popular words are very interesting and I can use a lot of them in my daily life.”
– Andrea Lee, San Francisco
Jul. 16, 2018
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