YCT 2 Real Exam Question Practice And Analysis

Being able to generate correct sentences is an important step in learning a language. However, language proficiency is really tested when one is asked to identify errors or construct a phrase from its component parts. These kinds of questions are necessary when preparing for the Youth Chinese Test (YCT), so let’s give some a try!

Form Sentences

1.  qù le yí tàng           wǒmen        yìqǐ             chángchéng
A. 去 了 一 趟        B. 我们          C. 一起          D. 长城

HSK 3 quiz

2.  zhè’ér   de               zhēn               fēngjǐng        měi
A. 这儿    的               B. 真                C. 风景          D. 美

HSK 3 quiz

3.  xuéshēng   men    cāochǎng  shàng       dǎ   lánqiú        zhèngzài
A. 学生     们       B. 操场      上      C. 打  篮球              D. 正在

HSK 3 quiz

4.  gēge                      pǎo   dé               kuài              hěn
A. 哥哥                  B. 跑    得        C. 快          D. 很

HSK 3 quiz



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