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我的神啊 (wŏ de shén a) My God & 你太有才了 (nĭ tài yŏu cái le) You are too talented

Apr. 1, 2015

我的神啊 (wŏ de shén a)

Where does it originate?

“我的神啊”(wŏ de shén a) first became popular from a hot Chinese TV series 武林外传(wŭ lín wài zhuàn “My Own Swordsman”)as a pet phrase of Tong Xiangyu, the owner of Tongfu tavern. Then it has been widely spread on the internet. Actually,“我的神啊”(wŏ de shén a) is the assonance of Shaanxi dialect 额滴神啊(é dī shén a).

Where is it used?

Because of its dialect-originated feature, “我的神啊”(wŏ de shén a) is usually used in informal circumstances and among familiar people. You may not say it to someone whom you have never met before or who has a higher rank than you. It is impolite.


Someone eventually gets an offer after a long time of job-hunting, she may say:

Wŏ de shén a, zhōngyú zhăo dào gōngzuò le. (biăoshì jīdòng)
我   的  神  啊, 终于      找     到      工作  了。 (表示    激动)

Oh, God, I finally get an offer. (express excitement)

A man and a woman got married, but people around them never thought it would happen.

They may say:

Wŏ de shén a, tāmen jiéhūn le! (biăoshì jīngyà)
我  的  神  啊,他们    结婚  了!   (表示    惊讶)

My god, they got married! (express astonishment)

(nĭ tài yŏu cái le)

First appearing in a sketch performed by Chinese actors Zhao Benshan, Song Dandan and Niu Qun in CCTV 2007 Spring Festival Gala Evening, the phrase你太有才了(nĭ tài yŏu cái le)then became very popular among Chinese young people.

“才(cái)”in this phrase means “talent, ability to do something special. 太(tài)means “too, excessively”. And the whole phrase你太有才了(nĭ tài yŏu cái le)means “you are too talented, you are too competent.”


Zhè bù diànyĭng hěn yŏuqù, dáoyăn tài yŏu cái le. (biăoshì chēngzàn)
这    部    电 影   很   有趣,  导演     太  有  才 了。(表示      称赞)

This movie is very successful. The director is too talented. (express praise)

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