Why you should Join our Affiliate program

Why you should Join our Affiliate program

You have taken the time to successfully build up your social media following, so now what?
Cash in on it! If your content topics include culture, language, Chinese heritage, or anything
where you can find a way to plug us in your posts you’d be the perfect fit for our affiliate

Our affiliate program boasts competitive commission and generous rewards including up to


USD per subscription! You can get 11%-15% of sales as commission for every new
eChineseLearning student that you refer, regardless of any ongoing promotions.
On top of all of that, we offer cash rewards. You are eligible to earn credit even if potential
students don’t purchase an eChineseLearning course package. You will earn $5 USD for every
new eChineseLearning subscriber who attends their free eChineseLearning trial class. If you


USD in rewards, you will get an extra


USD bonus or the equivalent in
Chinese classes if you prefer.

We provide every affiliate partner with a variety of eChineseLearning marketing posters, text,
and links that will attract the attention of your followers on your various social media platforms.

Another appealing aspect is that your followers are qualified for exclusive discounts when they
are recommended by our affiliate partners.

So what sets us apart from other Chinese learning platforms? For starters, we offer quality
instruction and Quality Assurance System that we take pride in! Over the past 10+ years,
students from over 100 countries from ages

3 to 86

have learned Chinese online with us in a
one-to-one format through live instruction in real-time. We pride ourselves on having the top
native, professionally trained, and experienced Chinese teachers in the industry as well. Our
teachers build customizable lesson plans dependent upon each student’s interests and learning
styles using eChineseLearning’s very own online classroom.

What are you waiting for? Join our team of successful affiliates and make your hard work pay
off! Click the link and get started today

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