Do I Need to Take the HSK?


If you want to work in China or for a predominately-Chinese-speaking business, having a high HSK level is basically required. Studying in a Chinese university requires a high HSK as well because you’ll be sitting through Chinese-taught classes. The HSK is like physical proof that you know Chinese. An employer won’t care how great you speak or what you say you know, they’re going to want to see that certificate. Without the HSK, you might as well not have gone to school at all.
HSK prep gives you a focal point, a goal, something to structure your learning around. The different levels help break down the language into bite-size pieces so you don’t feel so overwhelmed.
To pass the HSK 1, you only need to know which is a much easier goal to strive for. It feels like something you can actually accomplish, you know? And once you finish the HSK 1, you’ll be motivated to keep going. Finishing each level serves as motivation in itself to keep going higher. Why stop at level two, three, or four when you can reach for five and beyond?

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8 thoughts on “Do I Need to Take the HSK?”

    1. jennifer.zhu

      Hi Hassibullah, how about arranging you a free trial lesson with our professional Chinese teachers? Let me know if you are interested.

  1. When I took HSK1 and HSK2, it was all on the computer. How is the written portion of the HSK3 handled on a computer administered test? Paper and pencil for that part or is typing permitted?

    1. jennifer.zhu

      You can take the computer based test.
      The internet- based HSK Test is an online exam system which is fully compatible with the existing paper- based exam system and it supports all the exams (HSK levels 1-6.). Students need not carry tools for the formal examination. The exam site will provide a desktop computer, access to internet and a standard headset, the complete exam can be done with the computer mouse and keyboard ( but when the candidate is used to using the handwritten way or is not used to the Chinese input system, then the candidate is allowed to use a pen and write the answers at the answer sheet.)

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