Why do Chinese people always say “死(sǐ) die?”

死 die

Lily hasn’t seen her friend Tom for several days. She decides to give Tom a phone call.


Lily: Nǐ zài gān shénme? Wǒ zhè jǐ tiān dōu méiyǒu jiàn dào nǐ.
Lily: 你 在  干    什么?    我  这  几天  都    没有    见   到  你。
Lily: What are you doing? I haven’t seen you for several days.
Tom: Āi, wǒ zhè jǐ tiān máng sǐ le.
Tom: 唉,我 这  几天    忙   死了。
Tom: Ah, I’m up to my neck in work.
Why hasn’t Lily seen Tom for several days?
A. Tom is dying.
B. Tom is very busy.
C. Tom doesn’t want to see Lily.

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