Why are Chinese Surnames So “贵(guì)” Expensive?

Chinese people have their own special ways to ask about someone’s name. How familiar are you with these customary phrases? Try the following test to find out!
Which is NOT a proper reply?
Zhāng Míng: Nín guì xìng?
张        明:   您   贵   姓?
Zhang Ming: May I ask your family name, please?
Wáng Lì:   _____.
王      丽:_____。
Wang Li: _____.
A. “我贵姓王。(Wǒ guì xìng wáng.)”

B. “免贵姓王。(Miǎnguì xìng wáng.)”

C. “我姓王。(Wǒ xìng wáng.)”

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