Who is your ex?

We have published four issues of newsletter in April 2014. Have you read all of them? Let’s see how much you have learned from this month’s issues!
Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.
Zhāng Míng: Jim, nǐ hé Anna shénme shíhou jiéhūn?
张        明: Jim,你 和 Anna 什么       时候    结婚?
Jim: Wǒmen gānggāng fēnshǒu, tā xiànzài bú shì wǒ de nǚ péngyou.
Jim:我们     刚刚          分手,    她 现在    不 是   我 的  女 朋友。
According the dialogue above, we can understand that Jim is Anna’s ___.
A: 现任(xiànrèn)

B: 前任(qiánrèn)

C: 前夫(qiánfū)

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