Chinese test: Which apple do you want to eat? (Elementary)

There is a saying: an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Do you like apples? Do you eat apples every day? Tom and Jack are choosing their apples. Let’s look at the following conversation.

          Zhèr yǒu sānge píngguǒ, nǐ yào nǎ yíge?
Tom:这儿   有    三个   苹果,   你  要  哪  一个?

          Wǒ yào___de nà yíge.
Jack:我   要 ___  的 那  一个。


Which one of the following is the correct choice to fill the blank above? ______

A. 中间 (zhōngjiān)

B. 当中 (dāngzhōng)

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