YCT 3 Real Exam Question Practice and Analysis

Welcome to this week’s Youth Chinese Test (YCT) practice! While the test may seem overwhelming when you first look at what you have to know, there are actually patterns and themes that come up throughout the test, and there are strategies for answering questions. One of the biggest hang-ups for people taking the YCT is overthinking – when you see a question, just figure out what you have to know, not everything that you could know. See if you can apply this idea to today’s REAL exam questions:

1. 你画的是什么?

A. 白色的 B. 写完了 C. 太阳和月亮

HSK 3 quiz

2. 动物园的猴子多不多?

A. 很瘦 B. 很多 C. 很可爱

HSK 3 quiz

3. 我的电脑不能上网了,你帮我看看?

A. 太慢 B. 500 C. 没问题

HSK 3 quiz

4. 请问蛋糕怎么卖?

A. 鸡蛋 B. 不难 C. 八块钱

HSK 3 quiz

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