Video Lesson: Do You Want to Eat Ice-cream Or Not?

Stella and I are going to a bar tonight, do you want to come or not? Do you want to eat ice cream or not? Does Jill like Lady Gaga or not?

Exercises in the Video:

1. A: Becky, I saw a person in a shopping mall yesterday. Nàge rén shì bú shì nǐ?
    B: Nàge rén bú shì wǒ. I didn’t leave my home yesterday.
    What does Becky’s friend mean?
    A. She was sure that the person was Becky.
    B. She was not sure if the person was Becky.
    C. She was sure that the person was not Becky.
2. A: Lily, Adele is going to hold a concert here. “Nǐ zhī bù zhīdào?”
    B: “Wǒ zhīdào.”
    Which of the following is true according to the dialogue?
    A. Lily’s friend wants to know whether Lily knows about the concert.
    B. Lily doesn’t know about the concert.
    C. Lily is not sure who will be holding the concert.

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