Video Lesson: Body Parts (Part II)

In today’s Mandarin Chinese lesson, Teacher Becky introduces the the parts of the face and gives useful examples of how these parts can be used in a sentence (and also how the Chinese traditionally find them attractive!). Let’s take a look:

Exercises in the Video:

1. A: Lily, do you have a cold?
    B: Maybe. Wǒ de bízi bù shūfu.
    Which of the following is true about Lily?
    A. Her eyes are not comfortable.
    B. Her eyes are hurt.
    C. Her nose is not comfortable.
2. A: I feel dizzy. Wǒ de yǎnjing bù shūfu.
    B: Anna, you shouldn’t play too many computer games!
    Which of the following is true about Anna?
    A. Anna de ěrduo bù shūfu.
    B. Anna de yǎnjing bǔ shūfu.
    C. Anna de zuǐba bù shūfu.
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