Video Lesson: Are You All Right?

Your friend has been going through some bad times recently. You want to help, but perhaps you won’t be able to. But at least you can show some support, right?

Exercises in the Video:

1. A: Ellie, nǐ hái hǎo ma?
    B: Wǒ yá téng.
    Which of the following is true about Ellie’s friend?
    A. She wants to know if Ellie has time.
    B. She is angry with Ellie.
    C. She cares about Ellie.
2. A: My car was hit by a bus last week.
    B: Tiān a! That’s terrible! Cindy, nǐ hái hǎo ma?
    A: Wǒ méi shìr.
    Which of the following is true about Cindy? Please choose the best answer.
    A. She’s all right.
    B. She’s in the hospital now.
    C. She’s very sad now.

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