Top 5 Ways to Make Father’s Day Extra Special This Year

“父亲节(fùqīn jié) Father’s Day” is a holiday that celebrates fathers, and all they do for their children, around the world. There is an old saying in Chinese: “百善孝为先 (bǎi shànxiào wéi xiān)” or “Filial piety is the most important of all virtues”– in other words, if you do nothing else, at least respect your parents! Although Father’s Day may not be an official national holiday, we celebrate “父亲节(fùqīn jié ) Father’s Day” on the third Sunday of June every year in China.

孝 (xiào): filial and obedient towards parents.

tā shì yígè xiàozǐ.
He is a filial son.

wǒmen yào xiàojìng zhǎngbèi.
We have to honor our elders.

Given the outbreak of COVID-19 around the world, 2020 is already different than usual, and this year’s “父亲节(fùqīn jié) Father’s Day” is no exception; that said, staying at home doesn’t mean the day has to be any less fun! We’ve put together 5 suggestions for ways to make your quarantined Father’s Day exciting, unique and memorable – and not just because you get to learn some new Chinese phrases while you’re at it!

Cook a delicious brunch

A late-morning meal is a great way to celebrate any holiday – food, laughter, and family is the perfect recipe to really feel the warmth of being together. Remember to also give your compliments to the chef!

美味 (měiwèi): delicious

zhōngguó de shíwù hěn měiwèi.
Chinese food is delicious.

māma zuò de cài hěn měiwèi.
Mother’s cooking is delicious.

Play an indoor game

How long has it been since you played games with your father? Celebrating your father is a great opportunity to go back to your childhood! Many daughters and sons in China take some time to play sports, board games and, these days, even video games with their dad. What’s your favorite game to play with your parents?

玩 (wán): to play

nǐ bàba xǐhuan wán shénme yóuxì?
What games does your father like to play?

wǒmen yào wán diànzǐ yóuxì.
We’re going to play videogames.

Learn something new

What about trying something you’ve never done before? Maybe this the time to learn more about your father’s “weird” hobby; who knows – maybe you’ll find you two have something new in common!

爱好 (àihào):hobby

nǐ yǒu shénme àihào ma?
Do you have any hobbies?

tā hé wǒ de àihào shì yíàng de!
She and I have the same hobby!

Express your feelings face-to-face

In China, there is an expression that describes a father’s love: “父爱如山(fù ài rú shān)”, meaning, “A father’s love is like a mountain”. This means that, like mountains, fathers’ emotions aren’t always shown so openly, but that does not mean their feelings aren’t there. In fact, a father’s love will always be there, steady and dependable, if often inscrutable. Maybe try telling your father how you feel about him? Maybe he’s just waiting for you to open up, too!

父爱 (fù ài): Father’s love

fù ài shì chénmò de.
A father’s love is silent.

tā de xìn chōngmǎn duì zǐnǚ de fù ài.
His letter was filled with paternal love for his children.

Giving meaningful gifts

There are many ways to show someone you care. One way in China is to give flowers, but there’s an art to it, too… different flowers have different meanings! Though red and white roses are particularly popular on Father’s Day, large sunflowers also have meaning. There’s even a poem that explains the special significance of sunflowers’ size: giving them to someone means that you recognize what a big heart they have!

向日葵 (xiàngrìkuí): sunflower

xiàngrìkuí xiàngzhe tàiyang.
Sunflowers follow the sun.

tā miáohuì le shèngkāi de xiàngrìkuí.
He paints sunflowers in bloom.

There are more sentences you may want to know:

百善孝为先 (bǎi shànxiào wéi xiān)

父爱如山(fù ài rú shān)

HSK 3 quiz

Let’s see how well you’re prepared for “父亲节(fùqīn jié)” with this quiz!

1. Which description of “父爱如山” is incorrect?
A.A father’s love is not directly expressed.
B.A father’s love is heavy.
C.A father’s love is like a mountain.

2. What can the word “美味” be used to describe?
A.A coffee cup
B.A snow-capped mountain
C.Your Father’s Day brunch

3. What can you “玩”? (select all that apply)
A.Your mother’s favorite board game
B.A video game
C.Your Chinese homework

4. Which pair of characters means “hobby”?
A.好爱(hǎo ài)



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