Top 4 Ways to Help Adopted Kids from China Learn Chinese Efficiently

Kids adopted from China may have an advantage in learning Chinese despite the lack of a language environment, as many of them had an early exposure to Chinese before adoption. To make full use of this advantage, parents can create a supportive setting for Chinese language acquisition. Here are some practical methods for parents to help your kids learn Chinese.

1. Utilize Chinese Learning Apps

Parents can utilize Chinese learning apps for your kids. You should set daily learning goals, such as completing one lesson or studying for 20 minutes. Parents should choose courses appropriate for your kid’s level and follow the app’s guided lessons, which include listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises. You can use the app’s games and quizzes to reinforce learning and maintain their kid’s engagement.

2. Watch Chinese Cartoons and Movies

You can select age-appropriate and interesting Chinese cartoons or movies with English subtitles for your kid to watch, such as 《Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf》 or 《Calabash Brothers》.

3. Read Chinese Picture Books and Stories

Parents can encourage kids to read Chinese picture books and stories. You can buy bilingual Chinese-English picture books or storybooks with pinyin for your kid. Parents should schedule daily reading sessions where your kid reads aloud to ensure they understand each sentence, encourage them to write down unfamiliar words or phrases for later review and memorization. You must choose books that are slightly above their current Chinese level to challenge them and set a fixed reading time each day, such as 15 minutes before bedtime.

4.  Take Chinese Lessons Online

Parents can enroll kids in online Chinese courses, which offer flexible learning schedules. With guidance from professional teachers, kids can enhance their Chinese skills. For example, the teahers at eChineseLearning have over 15 years of teaching experience and can tailor their teaching methods to suit your kid’s Chinese proficiency level, providing comprehensive support for their Chinese learning journey.

By incorporating these three methods, parents can effectively support their adopted kid’s Chinese learning journey, even in the absence of a natural language environment.

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