Top 4 Chinese Words You Must Learn About COVID-19

News coverage all over the world has viewers scratching their heads in confusion. Are numbers being reported accurately? Are people even being tested? Statistics in the media have been unreliable at best due to these factors. The best we can do is listen to a wide range of coverage. Take Chinese media for example. You might hear words that you are unfamiliar with since we are currently living through a unique time in history. Let’s learn some of the words you are likely to come across while watching the news or listening to the radio.

1.  感染 (Gǎn rǎn): Infection / v.  to infect

The total number of confirmed cases of  “感染 (Gǎn rǎn) infection” in the US could very well be far beyond the speculated numbers.

There is a social panic, since anyone with the coronavirus may ”感染 (Gǎn rǎn) infect” people within close proximity. Therefore, people are reacting in unusual ways. The best course of action here would be to stay away from crowds and maintain distance from people who go out in public frequently.


Gǎn rǎn bìng dú de tā yǐ jīng wán quán kāng fù le.


He is fully recovered from the viral infection.

Wǒ bù xiǎng bǎ gǎn mào chuán rǎn gěi nǐ


I don’t want to infect you with a cold.

2.  隔离 (Gé lí): Quarantine

A step beyond social distancing is “隔离 (Gé lí) quarantining”. Many states have instated official “隔离 (Gé lí) quarantine” orders for their citizens. This means that many businesses have closed and restaurants are allowing only delivery or take-out options. If you can work from home that would enable you to truly quarantine.

Because the epidemic is serious, “隔离 (Gé lí) quarantine” at home is a necessity and a responsible action for yourself and others since it is the safest way to prevent the spread of the virus.


Zhè xiàng gé lí cuò shī xiàn zài yǐ jīng qǔ xiāo


This quarantine measure has now been canceled.

Zhè xiàng gé lí cuò shī xiàn zài yǐ jīng qǔ xiāo.

This quarantine measure has now been canceled.


医疗物资 (Yī liáo wù zī): Medical supplies

One aspect that makes this virus so worrisome is the rate at which it spreads and therefore it has a huge impact on the amount of “医疗物资 (Yī liáo wù zī) medical supplies” available for hospital staff. This is the main reason people are encouraged to stay home or at the very least stay away from each other. It will lessen the demand for the amount of scarce medical supplies.


Yī liáo wù zī bèi kōng yùn dào niǔ yuē


Medical supplies were airlifted to New York.

4. 呼吸机 (Hū xī jī): Ventilator

A ventilator is one of the severely lacking pieces of equipment, and Ford says it will also start producing “呼吸机 (Hū xī jī) ventilators”.

A crucial piece of medical equipment that hospitals are desperate to have is a “呼吸机 (Hū xī jī): ventilator”. Since a side effect of the virus is pneumonia, ventilators are crucial for saving lives. The US has a very short supply.


Wǒ men dé gěi tā shàng hū xī jī le


We had to put him on a ventilator.

The more that you know about the coronavirus, the more you can take responsible action to protect yourself, friends, and family. This is an opportune time to stay home and focus on your hobbies and studies so when the world returns to normal you will be better than before. Study well and stay strong!

HSK 3 quiz

Please choose the best answer to fill in the blank.

A.感染 (Gǎn rǎn)

B.隔离 (Gé lí)

1. Tā shòu dào bìng dú ______.

他受到病毒 ______.

2.Wǒ wǔ tiān hòu jiě chú ______.

我五天后解除 ______.

HSK 1 quiz

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