Tongue Twister—黄花儿和红花儿 (huánghuār hé hónghuār) The Yellow Flowers And The Red Flowers

Huánghuār huáng, hónghuār hóng.
黄花儿            黄,    红花儿     红。
The yellow flowers are yellow and the red flowers are red.

Hónghuār huánghuār hóng yòu huáng.
红花儿         黄花儿       红    又     黄,
The red flowers and the yellow flowers are red and yellow.

Huánghuār hónghuār huáng yòu hóng.
黄花儿           红花儿      黄     又    红。
The yellow flowers and the red flowers are yellow and red.

1. 红(hóng)  adj.     red

Zhè gè píngguǒ zhēn hóng a!
这    个   苹果       真     红   啊!
The apple is so red!

2. 黄(huáng)  adj.    yellow

Lucy yǒu yìtiáo huáng qúnzi.
Lucy  有   一条    黄       裙子。
Lucy has a yellow skirt.

HSK 3 quiz

1. There is a ___ balloon in the picture.

A. 红(hóng)
B. 绿(lǜ)
C. 蓝(lán)2. Which of the following fruits has “黄(huáng)” skin.
A. watermelon
B. pear
C. grape

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