Mandarin Class for Kids - Tongue Twister-How Many Balls Have They Bounced in Total?
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Tongue Twister-一共拍了几个球?(yíɡònɡ pāi le jǐ ɡè qiú?) How Many Times Have They Bounced in Total?

Oct. 16, 2014

Xiǎoniū hé xiǎoniú,
小妞     和   小牛,

The little girl and the little calf,


Yìqǐ  lái pāiqiú,
一起 来  拍球。
They bounce the ball together.


Xiǎoniū pāi dào liù,
小妞      拍  到   六,
The little girl bounces six times,


Xiǎoniú pāi dào jiǔ.
小牛      拍  到   九。
The little calf bounces nine times.


Xiǎoniū hé xiǎoniú,
小妞     和    小牛,
The little girl and the little calf,


Gònɡ pāi le  jǐ  ɡè qiú?
共      拍  了 几 个 球?
Bounced how many times in total?




1. 小妞(xiǎoniū)      n.         little girl


2. 小牛(xiǎoniú)      n.          little calf


3. 球(qiú)                n.          ball


4. 六(liù               numb.     six


5. 九(jiǔ              numb.       nine




1. How many times have the little girl and the little calf bounced in total?

A. 十四(shísì)

B. 十六(shíliù)

C. 十五(shíwǔ)

2. Which pronunciation of the following words contains “-iú”?

A. 流


B. 六


C. 油


3. Listen to the audio clips and choose the correct pinyin for it.


A. xuì

B. xiù

C. xī

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