The Hangzhou G20 summit: know “峰会 (fēnghuì)” to describe it

G20 summit

The G20 (or G-20 or Group of Twenty) is an international forum for the governments of 20 of the largest economies in the world. Each year, the G20 holds an annual “summit,”or “meeting,” to address many of the world’s economic and financial problems. Past locations for the summit have included Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Seoul, Toronto, and Saint Petersburg. This year, on September 4th and 5th, the G20 “峰会 (fēnghuì) summit” was held in Hangzhou, in Zhejiang province in east-central China.
This isn’t the first high-profile, international event to be held in China over the past decades. The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing grabbed the world’s attention, then the 2010 Expo in Shanghai followed, 2014 APEC convention was held in Beijing. However, this year is a bit different, as the second-tier city of Hangzhou stepped into the spotlight. Traditionally known as an ancient capital of the Song Dynasty, later visited by Marco Polo and finally becoming known as one of China’s most beautiful and touristic cities, Hangzhou has lately become a business and technology hub. Therefore, it made sense to hold the economic summit in such an ‘upcoming’ city!
So, how can you describe this Hangzhou “summit?” in Chinese? You can use the word “峰会 (fēnghuì).”
“峰 (fēng)” means peak or summit; also the hump of a camel.
“会 (huì)” is a shortened word of “会议 (huìyì)” here, which means meeting/conference.
when we combine “峰 (fēng)” and “会 (huì),” we get “峰会 (fēnghuì),” a noun meaning “summit meeting,” or what is commonly called “summit.”


Fēijī cóng zhè zuò shānfēng shàng fēi guò.
飞机  从    这  座      山峰       上     飞  过。
The plane flew over the peak.

Zhè shì fēnghuì shàng de zhǔyào yìtí.
这    是    峰会     上    的  主要  议题。
This will be on the agenda at the summit talks.

Dì shí yī jiè G20 fēnghuì shì zài hángzhōu jǔxíng de.
第 十 一 届 G20    峰会  是  在    杭州      举行   的。
The 11th G20 Summit was held in Hangzhou.

HSK 3 quiz

You can describe an important summit meeting, such as the 2016 G20 in Hangzhou, by using:
A. 山峰 (shānfēng)
B. 峰会 (fēnghuì)
c. 会议 (huìyì)

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