The Difference Between “看(kàn)” and “看到(kàndào)”

Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.
Andrew and his wife are waiting for his friends at the pier. Suddenly, he spots his friend Wang Wei.
                Wáng Wěi! Wǒmen zài zhèr, nǐ  kěyǐ  ____ wǒmen ma?
Andrew: 王       伟! 我们      在 这儿,你 可以  ____ 我们    吗?
                Wang Wei! Here we are! Can you see us?
Wáng Wěi:  Nǐhǎo, Andrew! Wǒ ____ nǐmen le.
王        伟: 你好,Andrew!我  ____ 你们  了。
Wang Wei:  Hello, Andrew! I see you.
A. 看(kàn), 看(kàn)

B. 看到(kàndào), 看到(kàndào)

C. 看(kàn), 看到(kàndào)

D. 看到(kàndào), 看(kàn)

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