It’s so cool! (Beginner) 太酷了。(初级)

太酷了。(Tài kù le.) It's so cool!


    Zhè shì gěi nǐ de shēngrì lǐwù.

A: 这   是 给 你 的 生日     礼物。

    Here's your birthday present!

    Wa, wǒ zuì ài de biànxíngjīngāng. Tài kù le!

B: 哇,我最  爱 的 变形金刚。         太 酷 了!

    Wow, Transformers. It is so cool!

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  1. Actually, 晚 is usually used with other words to create different nouns, such as 晚上evening,晚安good night,晚辈junior and so on.

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