Wait for a moment (Beginner) 稍等(初级)

Prepare for HSK test:稍等 (shāoděng) Wait for a moment  (Beginner)


   Jiějie, ràng wǒ yòng diànnǎo fùxí yí xià ba, hànyǔ shuǐpíng
A: 姐姐,让    我 用       电脑   复习一 下 吧,汉语    水平
   kǎoshì  (

HSK test

) jiù yào dào le.
   考试     (

) 就 要   到   了。

   Sister, please let me use the computer. I would like to review for the HSK test, which is
coming up soon.

   Shāoděng, wǒ mǎshàng nòng wán.|
B: 稍等,        我     马上        弄     完。

   Wait for a moment; I’ll be done soon.
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