SAT Chinese with Listening (Formerly SAT II Chinese Test)

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Offered only in November at designated test centers, the SAT Chinese test evaluates students’ ability to understand spoken and written Mandarin Chinese in the context of contemporary Chinese culture. Students take the SAT Chinese test to demonstrate to colleges their mastery of specific subjects like English, history, mathematics, science, and other subjects. The tests are independent of any particular textbook or method of instruction.

The SAT Chinese with listening subject test evaluates the students’ ability to understand spoken and written Chinese. If you want to take the SAT Chinese test, remember that it is only given in November and final registration date will be in September. The SAT Chinese test includes 85 questions which are shown in such types as pinyin, phonetic symbols, and Chinese characters and so on. Every one of the SAT Chinese test questions is relevant to daily life use.

Preparation for SAT Chinese with Listening

In preparing for SAT Chinese test, one should focus on the two most important points: vocabulary and listening.

Knowing the basic vocabulary is not enough, and it is quite critical to understand some proper nouns, such as words related to Chinese culture, history, people, and tourist hot spots and so on.

The listening section plays an important role in SAT Chinese test; this part evaluates Chinese learners’ reading skills and ability to understand spoken Chinese. Questions in the test paper are shown in four types: pinyin, phonetic symbols, simplified and traditional Chinese characters, all of which are relevant to the daily life usage. To do well on this exam, one should focus on studying these primary sections during their preparation for the SAT Chinese test.

Tips for Taking SAT Chinese with Listening

1. Ensure that you have met the prerequisite requirements to take this exam. Before you take the SAT Chinese test you should have at least two years of strong practice and preparation in this language, but of course, the more time you have prepared the better off you will be come the day of the test.

2. Ensure that you are familiar with the exam’s format. Some students think they have learned this language long enough and feel they are ready, but still fail the SAT Chinese test. This is because they don’t understand the structure of the test. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, get plenty of test practice so that you are comfortable with the types of questions that will be asked on the test.

3. Bring all necessary items you will need for taking the test. If you are registered for SAT Chinese test with listening, you should bring an acceptable CD player and batteries with you to the test center.

Helpful Books for SAT Chinese with Listening

Good books are essential to getting a high score on the SAT Chinese test. Thus, some commonly used preparation books for the SAT Chinese test are recommended for Chinese learners, such as the Chinese SATⅡ vol.2, SAT Chinese test Sourcebook, Official Study Guide for all SAT Subject Tests, including an audio CD for all 6 languages with listening tests, etc. All the SAT Chinese books or exercises above will give you plenty of practice for the SAT Chinese test while improving your Chinese level.

HSK 3 quiz
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