Running Late: Using “都(dōu)” and “才(cái)”

Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.
Bái Yún: ___bādiǎn le, nǐ zěnme hái méi huílái?
白    云:___ 八点  了,你 怎么   还  没   回来?
Bai Yun: It is already eight o’clock. Why haven’t you come back yet?
Daivd: Bàoqiàn, wǒ ___ xiàbān.
Daivd:抱歉,    我 ___ 下班。
Daivd: I’m sorry. I couldn’t get off work until now.
A. 都(dōu), 才(cái)

B. 才(cái), 都(dōu)

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